Senior Pastor Zach DeWitt - 715-684-2901 - Zach felt a call from God that turned into two-part call of both Army Chaplaincy and pulpit ministry. He is currently a Chaplain Candidate with the U.S. Army Reserve with over a decade of time in service.

Zach finished his undergraduate degree at California Baptist University and then finished seminary at Bethel University. Zach has served as a chaplain in senior care and pulpit ministry in Wellsburg, Iowa, where he was ordained.

Calling Pastor Brian Ewing - 715-684-2901 - Brian Ewing is our visitation pastor, calling especially on our "senior saints".  He has a master's in counseling from Kingsway Theological Seminary (Des Moines, IA) and doctorate in theology from Ministers for Christ Outreach Bible Institute (Peoria, AZ). Brian and his wife, Sandy, have two adult daughters.

Joan Doornink - Secretary - 715-684-2901 -

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Cassie Lokker - Music & Worship Coordinator - 

Terry & Jill Huftel - Custodians